Finding the best ultralight camping pillows of 2017

In the review process, we tried to pick the best camping or backpacking pillows.  Ultralight camping pillows are a prime choice for a great night’s sleep.  Almost any backpacker has used wadded up clothes, tarps, leaves and who knows what else for a resting spot for their head.  Those days are over my rugged friend.  Inflatable pillows are light enough to bring to backpack or camp and also quite affordable.  There is no longer an excuse to rest your weary head on your wadded up hiking underwear.

But that’s enough about me…

This list includes several inflatable ones which are very comfortable and lightweight.  These are all great choices for backpackers and campers.  In searching for the best pillows for backpacking, here is what we found:

Best Ultralight Camping Pillow Reviews

#1. Sea To Summit: Aeros Pillow Ultralight Camping Pillows

Pros: This camping pillow is great for side sleepers (my people can rejoice!).  The U-shaped curvature helps stabilize your sleepy head.  This helps to ensure you don’t encounter the dreaded middle-of-night-head-rolling-off-pillow predicament.

Cons:  Some people have voiced that it is too hard of a pillow for their taste.  In summary, it is fairly tough but I think it is more than suitable for the masses.

#2. Big Sky International: Dreamsleeper Deluxe Inflatable Ultralight Camping Pillows

Big Sky ultralight Camping pillows


Pros: Weighing in at 0.3 lbs, this is a very light pillow. The reason I ranked this as number two is because it is super soft. This is definitely a luxury pillow.

Cons: It is made out of cotton so may not be the most dry-able for all you droolers out there.

#3. Cocoon Air 45 Ultralight Camping Pillows

Pros: This pillow comes with a valve that lets you manually adjust the level of firmness. Also, it is also super easy to pack. This pillow includes a convenient bag for storing it. Furthermore, It is an exceptional pillow for lumbar support.

Cons: The valve has broken for some people and it seems to happen after the return policy’s 90 days.

#4. Canway Camping Pillow Ergonomic Inflatable Pillow for Neck and Lumbar Support

Ultralight Camping Pillows

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Pros: This pillow is super comfortable and inflates easily! Also, it has a built-in valve and travel pouch.  This ultralight pillow comes in orange and green and both look quite stylish.

Cons: I had no complaints with this, it was perfect for me.

#5. ONWEGO: ‘Soft-Top’ Inflatable Backpacking, Camping, Travel Pillow

Onwego Ultralight Camping Pillows
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Pros: It is a comfortable, versatile  pillow that can be used at home, on airplanes, on the road, and most importantly, for camping and backpacking.  This is great for people like myself whom wake up some nights with neck pain from rolling around during sleep.  This was one of my favorites of the ultralight camping pillows.

Cons: It seems like although it worked for me, a common complaint (more so than some of the other ultralight pillows) is that it needed a ton of re-inflating for some people.  This may be an issue of manufacturing and a lack of quality consistency.  It is light but almost to thin and vulnerable to punctures/leaks.

Ultralight camping pillows are only as good as the mattress it is used upon.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, we have a similar review for inflatable mattresses.  Click here to check it out!

Your beauty sleep will thank you.