Taum Sauk Mountain State Park: Highest Elevation in Missouri

Taum Sauk is the highest point of Missouri, nearby attractions such as Elephant Rocks and Johnson’s Shut-Ins. All of those could potentially be visited in the course of a short trip. It is a mountain with overlooks, waterfalls and trails. It is located in Middle Brook, Missouri in the Saint Francois Mountains in the Ozarks. What I personally love about it is how approachable it is to visitors who just want to see the overlook and capture pictures. The overlook can be reached by vehicle. That way, visitors aren’t required to pursue hiking trails. On the other hand, visitors with some time to explore can trek the rugged trails and witness some great sights.

Taum Sauk: The Trails

The trails can be quite challenging at parts due to steepness and rocks. Boots would definitely be the recommended footwear for hikers. In addition, Taum Sauk offers some gorgeous hang out spots and geological fascinations. My favorite is the waterfalls. The waterfalls are great spots to take a break from hiking to snack, relax, and to listen to the soothing flow of water. There are some great rocks to climb up if you are feeling extra adventurous. The waterfalls are an exclusive treat for those who hike and are quite rewarding.

Taum Sauk: The Highest Point in Missouri

The exact spot marking the highest point of Missouri might be a little underwhelming for some but I think it is rather interesting. It is marked by a plaque off one of the short trails on the ground and in the woods. There isn’t an overlook there but its sort of funny that the highest point of all Missouri is a piece of dirt in the woods. Also, there are some nice benches around there to sit and listen to nature, bird watch, or take pictures.

Taum Sauk: What to Pack

In terms of items to bring, it sort of depends on the level of involvement you are pursuing. For the hiking, I would recommend hiking boots that fit and are comfortable. Polypropylene or Under Armor shirts are always a smart choice for hiking in general. The reason is that other materials such as cotton soak up sweat and don’t dry fast and don’t provide the best breath-ability. Other essentials are abundant drinking water and some protein packed snacks. Furthermore, the main trail can be quite demanding for non-experienced hikers. A walking stick is also a smart item to bring for stability when walking on the rock-laden trail. Don’t forget to bring a camera for those great photo opportunities!

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