Pere Marquette State Park and its Rustic and Romantic Offerings

Pere Marquette State Park is just past the Mississippi River in Grafton Illinois.    For those planning a several day visit, the two best options are camping at the sites or staying at the lodge or its respective cabins.

The Campsites

The campsites are fairly basic and aren’t very woodsy and there is access to Grafton’s shops for any supplies.  The sites have electricity and fire pits.  I enjoy visiting for some tame camping that isn’t overly complex.  The sites make for a great weekend retreat.  Although one of my most intense camping sessions was during the winter when snow blanketed the whole park.  I stayed in one of the cabins and there weren’t any other campers.  One downside was that with it being winter, the shower houses were locked up for the season.  The lodge is quite close which was helpful for using the restrooms.

The Cabins of Pere Marquette State Park

The cabin was minimalistic in some regards but there was heat (which was a lifesaver!) and fans with lights.  The heater was quite effective and the beds were fairly cozy for what they were.  In the morning one day, there were a ton of cardinals perched outside.  Their red feathers contrasted with the white snow made for a majestic view.  The layout of the cabins is one room with a bed and table.  The other room has 2 bunk beds.

The Rustic Feel of Pere Marquette State Park

The lodge and cabins (different cabins than the previously mentioned ones) are rustic in look and make for a great romantic retreat.  The lodge has a giant chessboard in the main room with a fireplace and comfortable seats.  The historic lodge also has a swimming pool and hot tub for guest in addition to a top-notch restaurant.  Local wines can be purchased and sipped on throughout the lodge and on the back patio where there is a great view of the river.  The cabins are very fancy and well maintained.  They look like Civil War era cabins to offer a somewhat historical experience.

Grafton and Attractions Near Pere Marquette State Park

Grafton is a great town with seasonal activities, wineries, restaurants and shops.  There are also ferry rides and bike rentals worth checking out!  The town isn’t a far drive from the lodge area or the campsites.  My routine for Pere Marquette State Park is to camp and scope out local events.  There was an impressive art fair during one of my visits that was a major highlight of the trip.  There are enough attractions in the area to justify multiple visits!

If you have been to Pere Marquette State Park or have any questions, please leave a comment! Feel free to check out the other blog articles!