Montauk State Park: The Perfect Escape for Fishing, Fly-fishing, or Camping

If you look to fish in Missouri, there are few better places than Montauk State Park. The streams are well maintained as well as the campsites and cleaning stations. Fish farms are located in the park and are a fun option for kids. Fish food is in dispensers so visitors can toss it in the hatcheries and watch the trout go wild. The trout are very healthy and the site contains both catch-and-release fishing holes and streams for keeping the fish you catch (as long as you don’t exceed the daily limit).

On-site Lodge

The lodge has WiFi, supplies, a restaurant, and any fishing gear one would need. There is also a place to pick up firewood and ice as well as clean shower and restroom facilities near the camping area. The streams are beautiful and new trout are regularly added. There’s fishing holes for beginners to expert anglers. Montauk is where I learned how to fly fish and good luck finding a place more beautiful to do it.


The park is very inviting even if you aren’t interested in the fishing aspect. Recreational Vehicles and standard tents are welcome and electricity is provided at all of the sites. Also, potable water is accessible through the plentiful water pumps. I’ve never had an experience with noisy campers at night and the campground host are some of the friendliest and professional people. They are very approachable with any information, complaints, or requests campers may have.

I should give a fair warning that at 6 AM each morning the fishing siren goes off. It is quite loud but can be ignored if you intend to sleep in. Every night, the sky is devoid of light pollution so the stars are very bright and mesmerizing. The park is quite ambient at night between the insects, birds and the soothing sounds of the water. Sometimes at night you can even witness the fish being dumped into the streams. Kids especially love this because it invokes curiosity.

My Main Missouri Camping Choice

Montauk State Park is a place where my family and friends have visited every year because of its consistent maintenance and friendly people. Of course, the fishing is a prime appeal. The site is located in Licking, Missouri and the town isn’t too far of a drive outside of the park. The streams are lovely shades of aqua blue and green and the surrounding hills are the perfect backdrop. I encourage anybody seeking a family-friendly fishing and camping experience to check it out.

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